Nitrocharge 30 Review – One portable charger for all your gadgets

Nitrocharge30 AH HR Feature

Nirtocharge30 is the only portable charger you need for all your gadgets!

Nitrocharge 30
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  • Stylish light weight design
  • Materials used are premium quality
  • Charge 3 devices simultaneously
  • Charge a laptop that supports PD Fast Charging
  • 10W fast charging for smartphones
  • Support for QC3.0 and PD charging
  • Bluetooth device charging mode
  • Needs a 30W or higher charger to charge it rapidly
  • MSRP goes up once Kickstarter early bird promo ends
  • Logo is upside down versus display window

Excitrus provided Android Headlines with a review unit of the Nitrocharge 30. This review was written after using the device for more than 7 days.

Nitrocharge 30 is a new type of Power Bank from Excitrus.  It offers wired and Qi wireless charging so you can charge all your gadgets including modern laptops on the move. Additionally, it offers magnetic phone positioning that works with your current case to ensure your phone is always charging while on the go.

Nitrocharge 30 Unboxing experience

Inside the box is the power bank, USB-A to USB-C cable, USB-C to USB-C cable, position magnets with instruction card, and a manual.  Packaging quality is quite nice considering this is a fairly inexpensive charging accessory device.

Design and build quality impressions

Nitrocharge 30 is a compact size power bank. It is smaller than my current smartphones – S20 FE  and iPhone XR. The top and bottom surfaces comprise of grey textured fabric giving it a unique and premium look. The + logo on the top indicates the wireless charging surface with aligning magnets. The non-charging side contains FCC, RoHS, and e-waste logos.


The orange color USB-A 18W QC 3.0 charge port and the 30W PD Fast charging port (this is also the input port) are on one small side.  The display window is sandwiched between the two ports. On the opposite side of the charging ports, you will find the labeling information. There is a 'mode' button is on the long length side to the left of the orange color USB-A port.  In a strange quirk, the Excitrus logo is upside down when viewed from the port and display window side.


Overall construction quality is very good. The power bank is also quite lightweight (259 grams or 0.57 lbs) when compared to some of my other power banks with similar charging capacity.

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Using Nitrocharge 30 on a daily basis

My review unit displayed 30% charge upon unboxing. The manual recommends using up to 30W Max USB-C input. For some weird reason my Google 18W charging brick resulted in very slow charging of the power bank. Switching to a different charging brick with a 30W Max output resulted in a considerably faster charging time. If you don't have a 30W charging brick then I suggest you get one to improve power bank recharging time.

Charging multiple devices is not an issue as long as they are tablets, smartphones, earbuds, and the like. For example, iPad Pro (via USB-A), S20 FE  (via USB-C), and earbuds (wirelessly) present no issues.  But iPad Pro via USB-A, XR wirelessly, and S20 FE via USB-C  caused the iPad to stop charging.  So you will need to play around with various scenarios if you absolutely want/need to charge 3 devices simultaneously.

But trying to charge a laptop via 30W PD USB-C port while charging a gadget using USB-A and charging a smartphone wirelessly also doesn't work. It seems that while charging a laptop it's best to use the wireless charger or the USB-A port for doing lightweight duty. And without the laptop, you can easily charge two smartphones and earbuds without any hassles.


For my earbuds, I used Bluetooth device charging mode by pressing the 'mode' button twice and seeing the % symbol blinking. My take is that you will need to play around with the various charging options available and then decide what works best for you.

Nitrocharge30 AH HR Buds
Bluetooth Device Charging Mode

Oh and the magnets do help position the phone correctly on the power bank resulting in good adhesion and instant charging. There are two sets of magnets in the box so you can add the magnets to two different phone cases.

Nitrocharge30 AH HR Case
Magnets in case help position phone for charging accurately

Nitrocharge 30 is a compact, lightweight 30W power bank

I like the convenience of charging my phone, earbuds, and occasionally my laptop on the go. And I like the convenience of charging all my gadgets on the go without access to a power outlet even more. Nitrocharge 30 provides this exact solution in a stylish, compact, lightweight package.


If you just want to charge your phone on the go and ensure that it stays put on your power bank then Nitrocharge 30 has a solution for that as well. So hurry up and grab one on Kickstarter for $49 before the price jumps up soon.