Nintendo Had A Huge Month For Switch Sales In October

Nintendo Switch

While Sony and Microsoft struggle to keep their latest consoles in stock, Nintendo has had one of its best months ever for the sales of the Nintendo Switch.

Some whopping 735,000+ Nintendo Switch consoles were purchased in the US alone for the month of October, smashing some sales numbers for video game consoles in general. Not just those from Nintendo.

According to engadget, this is Nintendo's highest amount of sales for the Switch in October in the US since it released back in March of 2017. What's more is that it's beating out other consoles on a pretty significant scale. At least when it comes to monthly numbers.


The Nintendo Switch had the second highest October console sales of all time

Nintendo is continually hitting those bigly numbers. Over 735,000 Switches sold in October makes it more than Nintendo's best October for Switch sales in the US. It's also the second best October sales numbers for any console ever.

In fact the sales are second only to the Nintendo Wii. Which sold around 807,00 in its best October month when it was still at the height of its popularity.

It already looks great for Nintendo. But, it gets better. Because this makes the Switch the best-selling console for the 23rd month in a row. Which means it has outsold the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X, and any other console for nearly the last two years.

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Granted, this was already a few years into the life cycle of the PS4 and Xbox One. So both those companies have had a head start. Worth mentioning is that people being locked up at home for most of the year has likely contributed to higher sales numbers overall.

And October is close enough to the holidays that many people could be trying to pick up the Switch as a gift.

Both the Switch and Switch Lite account for the sales

It isn't just the Switch that has been helping Nintendo succeed last month. The Switch Lite had a significant role to play too.


Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser also thinks the popularity of the two consoles will continue for the rest of the holiday season. Which would mean that he expects sales for the Switch and Switch Lite to be fairly high for both November and December too.

That would make sense. Given that people tend to buy gifts all the way up till the last part of December.