Next-Gen Galaxy Z Flip To Be Cheaper, Come With 120Hz Display

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip AM AH 26

There haven't been a lot of rumors about the second-generation Galaxy Z Flip recently. A few reports in between have shed some light on when the device might arrive, but that's about it. Now, noted leakster Ice Universe has couple more pieces of information to share.

According to the information shared on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo, the upcoming Samsung foldable will sport a 120Hz display. That's not very surprising as Samsung's most recent flagships ā€“ Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2 ā€“ both get a 120Hz display. However, it's still a significant upgrade from a 60Hz panel on the original Z Flip.

The new Z Flip will also reportedly feature a narrower frame. This likely means Samsung has further shrunk the bezels around the display. Additionally, the report also claims that the new foldable will be cheaper than the previous model. We don't get the exact numbers here. However, you can make a calculated guess around the $1,380 price tag of the original Z Flip at launch.


Interestingly, the report refers to the upcoming phone as Galaxy Z Flip 3 and not Z Flip 2. Samsung does have two Flip foldables under its belt, but the second one is essentially a 5G variant of the original model. So the next model should technically bear the Galaxy Z Flip 2 moniker.

However, Samsung does tend to skip a number to match the naming scheme of its devices. After all, who doesn't remember the time when the Korean giant skipped the Note 6 moniker to match with the Galaxy S series? Since the Fold lineup is already two generations older and the 2021 model will likely be called the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung may be looking to skip a number for the Flip series and call its next clamshell foldable Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Galaxy Z Flip 2 (or 3) may not launch alongside the Galaxy S21

Samsung is making major changes to its yearly flagship launch schedule next year. Multiple reports have pointed towards an early Galaxy S21 launch. And pretty much confirming those reports, a company spokesperson recently stated that "the market is constantly changing, and that none of the established product launch traditions are safe."

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As a part of this shakeup, Samsung is also said to have removed a foldable from the agenda for its next Galaxy Unpacked. The Galaxy S20 launch in February this year was accompanied by the Galaxy Z Flip while the Galaxy Z Fold 2 broke cover during the Galaxy Note 20 launch in August.

Going by this tradition, Samsung was expected to introduce the Z Flip successor alongside the Galaxy S21 early next year. However, recent reports suggest that we'll only see a teaser at the event. The company may not unveil the device at least until a few months later.

This could be another strategic shift from the company to put some distance between its two high-end phones. It doesn't want its own devices to compete against each other. If all these speculations turn out to be true, then we may not see the Galaxy Z Flip 2 (or whatever else it will be called) arrive in the market until March at the very least.


That said, some rumors have suggested an even longer delay. Clearly, nothing is set in stone yet. There's still plenty of time left until the Galaxy Z Flip 2 starts taking shape.

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