Upcoming Galaxy M Smartphone Could Be A High-End Offering By Samsung

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According to a new report, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy M series handset could actually be a high-end smartphone. That’s quite unusual when it comes to the Galaxy M series, as that lineup is usually reserved for budget phones.

Aside from being budget phones, the Galaxy M series is also characterized by large battery packs. That being said, this rumor comes from SamMobile, and the site also suggests that the phone will be called the Galaxy M62.

Do note that this phone will not arrive this year. It is rumored to launch next year, though in early 2021. The source claims this handset comes with the SM-M625F model number.


The Galaxy M51 was its predecessor in 202, while the Galaxy M40 launched in 2019. Considering those two names, the Galaxy M62 seems to be like a logical next step. The source also notes that we can expect to get 256GB of storage inside of this phone.

The upcoming Galaxy M handset will offer high-end specs, and a huge battery pack

Now, the Samsung Galaxy M51 featured a 7,000mAh battery, and the Galaxy M62 may as well. It is tipped to offer a similar battery capacity to the Galaxy M51. Needless to say, that is one large battery pack.

What’s weird here, is the fact this phone is rumored to be high-end. That implies that we’ll get a flagship SoC inside of the device. This could be a sibling to the Galaxy S20 FE in that sense. The Galaxy S20 FE is basically a budget flagship alternative to the Galaxy S20 series

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If the Galaxy M62 launches in 2021, and wants to be called a flagship, it’ll need to include a high-end chip. The Snapdragon 875 will be announced by then, though it’s still hard to imagine Samsung using that chip inside of this phone.

The Snapdragon 865 could be used instead, but at that point in time, that will no longer be a flagship processor from Qualcomm. Having said that, the source did say that it will be a “high-end” phone, not a “flagship” phone, so the Snapdragon 865 could be a logical move. The Snapdragon 875 will be reserved for the Galaxy S21 flagships which are expected to launch in January.