Google Will Unveil New Google Pay App For Android & iOS Today

Google Pay AH NS 03

Today, Google will be unveiling its revamped Google Pay app for Android and iOS. This piece of information was shared by Google in an official Twitter post.

Notably, the company will be having a YouTube live stream on 18 November, at 9:27 AM PT/12:27 PM ET. The company has kept mum about all new things we would be seeing in the live stream.

But we expect some sort of an overhaul in the design and new features being added to Google Pay. The app has been redesigned and built on Flutter, which is currently in beta form in India.


Moreover, the company will bring a bunch of features to the Google Pay app. For the past few months, Google has been working to add new features and options to its digital payment application.

Additionally, the new redesigned Google Pay app will be coming to both Android and iOS tomorrow. The new app will start to roll out in the United States.

The video embedded with the Twitter post says that it will improve your relationship with money. So, we could expect a smart budgeting feature to be coming to Google Pay.

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Google is planning to bring the ability to create bank accounts, and issue smart debit cards

Well, rumors have always been a spoiler for new features that new apps or smartphone would bring. Apparently, it was rumored that Google is testing to add the ability to create bank accounts straight from the app.

Google has a partnership with 8 banks, so this could very well be one of the features. However, we wouldn't be sure if that is going to come today.

Moreover, there were rumors about the issue of a smart debit card, called 'Google Card.' This is in line with what Apple has with its Apple Card. But such a major announcement is not likely to be made in today's announcement.


All in all, there is not much information available that you can dwell upon. All is what we have are rumors. So, we would have to wait for the actual live stream that is going to go live at 9:27 AM PT/12:27 PM ET today on YouTube.

As already mentioned, all the new features and the redesigned app will be pushed to all the users of Android and iOS. And the first region that will be able to use the new features of Google Pay would be in the US.

It will be interesting to see what all-new features Google has in store for Google Pay app that it plans to unveil during today's event. Stay tuned to Android Headlines for more info on that.