You Can Now Purchase A Standalone Remote For The New Chromecast

Google TV Chromecast 2 AM AH 1

Google officially announced the new Chromecast with Google TV a little earlier this year, and it comes with a remote to control content but you’ve never been able to purchase one.

That is until now. Yesterday on November 16 9To5Google discovered that it was now possible for you to purchase a standalone version of the Voice Remote that comes with the new Chromecast with Google TV.

Granted there’s no reason for you to want to buy one unless you absolutely have to. Meaning in the event that you either lose your original remote or it gets broken somehow. Maybe your dog chewed on it to no end and all the slobber and teeth marks caused it to be damaged beyond saving.


In either case, you can now buy the remote from the Google Store at a fairly low price.

You can purchase the Chromecast with Google TV remote by itself for $20

Unlike some of the other products in the Google Store the Voice Remote for the Chromecast with Google TV is actually still available.

Probably because this isn’t an item which everyone had to immediately jump to buy the moment it went live for sale. And that’s because this is a replacement remote. Something Google is giving you the ability to purchase in the event that happens to the remote that you already have.


As a replacement $20 isn’t too bad on price either. Though it’s still an unnecessary $20 to spend if your current remote works just fine.

Google is also selling the replacement remotes in all three available colors. Which includes the Snow, Sunrise, and Sky color options.

It comes with the batteries to power it

This is probably expected, but the remote comes with the batteries that you need to power it.


So even if you find that $20 is a bit much for a remote like this one, at the very least you don’t have to buy batteries for it too. The remote is powered by two AAA batteries. As long as the batteries from your old remote are still functional then you don’t even have to use the ones that come with the replacement remote. Not until the old ones die on you.

Right now it looks like the Google Store website may be the only place you can buy the remote by itself. You can pick up the Chromecast with Google TV from both Walmart and Best Buy websites. But the remote itself cannot be picked up just yet.