New Alexa Update Adds Device Discovery, Makes It Easier To Link Devices

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When we talk about voice assistants, apart from Google Assistant, the other name that pops up in our minds is Amazon Alexa. And now, as per Engadget, the company is making it easier to link devices to Alexa via a new update.

Notably, Amazon Alexa is the only voice assistant alongside Google Assistant, which powers the majority of smart home devices. Especially in the US, these two can be heard everywhere.

Being available for cheap is one of the key factors for their availability on almost all US home’s smart devices. These smart home devices make several tasks easy for users.


Meaning that you can simply check the weather, any recipe, news, watch videos, place calls, etc. just using your voice. And now, the latest update released by Amazon adds Device Discovery to Alexa.

This would make it easier for everyone to link their smart home devices. Apparently, this new update is rolling out for all the Alexa users in the US.

When the Device Discovery feature is enabled on the Alexa app, users can head over to the More section to add or link a device. Additionally, all the products connected to the same WiFi network would be listed, that you can link to your voice assistant.


Alexa Device Discovery feature is meant to streamline the process of linking smart home devices

The new update really streamlines and gives you access to all your smart home devices in one place. You can seamlessly switch over to your favorite smart home devices from the list of connected devices from the Alexa app.

Just by a few taps, users will be able to add their compatible devices to the Alexa app. The update is rolling out via OTA. Moreover, once the update hits the Alexa app, you will be able to manually add any connected device to the More section.

You can then control all of your connected smart home devices. And ask Alexa to operate them, like switch on/off smart bulbs, lights, play music on smart speakers, and more.


The smart home devices include lights, plugs, smart speakers, and even gaming consoles like the Xbox Series X/S. Furthermore, you will be able to control all of your devices via your voice.

Since the update is currently rolling out for the users in the US, your app will soon pick up the update. It may take a few weeks to be available for all the users across the country.

We are not sure whether this feature would be available to users of Amazon Alexa in other regions or not. We will keep you updated regarding that once we have more information on the same.


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