Netflix Introduces TikTok-Style Short Video Format 'Fast Laughs'

netflix fast laughs

It seems like the craze that TikTok managed to create via its short video format has taken over Netflix as well. Because recently the company has added a new TikTok-style shot video format, Netflix Fast Laughs.

Netflix Fast Laughs shows vertical video feed in full screen. However, there is a major difference between TikTok and Fast Laughs. On one hand, TikTok videos were created by amateurs featuring ‘cringe-worthy’ (almost majority) voiceovers and dance covers.

While on the other, Netflix Fast Laughs is simple excerpts from its popular shows with a fun-bomb added to it. Besides, the Fast Laughs feed includes clips from all the popular original titles to licensed programs.


All the engagement buttons are just like what you may have seen on TikTok. They are all placed on the right side, while the feed shows up in a vertical full-screen view.

Users can swipe through vertically to go through all the feeds, currently, Netflix Fast Laughs has. Being a huge critic of TikTok, Netflix here is not trying to become a place to waste your time.

Instead, it provides some fun moments, while you are being entertained. In fact, Netflix has no plans to copy TikTok in its cringe-worthy content. It is meant to let people discover new shows and movies via the Fast Laughs feed.


Netflix Fast Laughs includes feeds from shows such as Friends, Big Mouth & various standup specials

Apparently, in place of liking and commenting on worthless videos on TikTok, Netflix Fast Laughs is designed to encourage the users to add shows to their Netflix watch list.

You can add as many shows as you want, which you have discovered via Fast Laughs feed. And as per your convenience, watch them later. Some may find it similar to Netflix Previews.

FYI, Netflix Previews lets users find new shows by watching trailers and clips from popular and newly released shows. The Netflix Fast Laughs shows feeds from shows such as Friends, Big Mouth, and various standup specials.


As per Netflix via TechCrunch, this new feature was tested with a limited number of users earlier this year. And after getting positive feedback, it is now rolling out for more users across the US, UK, and a few other regions.

Talk about some differences from TikTok, the buttons include the My List option, and you can react to the clips with a laughing emoji, share the funny clips with your friends across various social media platforms.

There is a More button as well, that shows titles that are related to the clip that you are currently viewing. Notably, the feature seems to be available to only iOS users at the moment.


Android users may have to wait for a while before they can watch the funny feeds on the Netflix app. We will keep you updated on that front.