Nest Audio Will Soon Turn Into Home Theater Speaker With Chromecast Integration

Google Nest Audio image 7

Google recently launched Nest Audio smart speaker as the successor to the original Google Home. Last week, Google Search description revealed that the new Nest Audio becomes your home theater sound system with Chromecast & Google TV. Now, Google has confirmed to the WSJ that it’s working on integration for the Nest Audio, but details are scarce.

As of now, we can only confirm that Nest Audio can be used as default TV speakers with the newly launched Chromecast with Google TV streaming dongle. However, there is no confirmation of whether other Google smart speakers can be used for a home theater setup.

Home Theater support for Nest Audio with Google TV is coming soon

Also, the home theater integration might not be available on older Chromecast devices or third-party smart TVs powered by Android TV OS. On the other hand, a similar feature is already available with competing smart speakers. Both the Amazon Echo and HomePod will work as speaker output with the Fire TV and Apple TV respectively.


However, what’s more impressive is that the Apple TV 4K combined with two HomePods will also offer Dolby Atmos sound for truly immersive audio. Users can even connect two of these speakers for stereo audio output. With the Google TV dongle, the Nest Audio speakers can be set as the default sound output option.

No mention of compatibility with older Chromecast devices

While there is no confirmation, Google might soon update the previously launched smart speakers like the Google Home Max and Nest Mini to support this new feature. Even though Google officially confirmed the upcoming feature, there is no mention of any timeline whatsoever.

As per 9to5google, it was meant to be announced alongside the Google TV dongle during the “Launch Night In” event. Looks like the company has pulled out the announcement at the last minute. The Nest Audio is one of the best sounding smart speakers you can buy for under $100.


When used in pair as a stereo setup, these should definitely better. Apparently, these smart speakers can’t be compared with the dedicated soundbars. For those who have already own one or two of these Nest Audio smart speakers, it’s an added functionality to have a better sound than the default speakers of the TV.

Google should come out very soon revealing all the details of this new home theater integration. Initially, it could likely be exclusive to the Nest Audio and Google TV dongle.