Microsoft Is Working Tirelessly To Restock The Xbox Series X/S

Xbox Series X Xbox Series S

Microsoft is having a bit of a stock issue with the Xbox Series X/S, but the company is working tirelessly to restock the two versions of the next-generation console.

This is according to Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox team, who spoke with Gamespot recently about the console, including the challenges that the company has faced in being able to restock the Xbox Series X/S at retailers since launch.

There's good news and bad news about the whole affair. While the company is working very hard to get more consoles into more hands, it's going to take a little while. Longer than consumers are probably expecting.


Xbox Series X/S restock issues will continue for some time

There's no doubt that getting a hold of an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S has been challenging. It's like this every new generation of consoles and things haven't changed.

That situation has been compounded by this past year. Which has made things much more challenging for Microsoft in terms of supply chain. Being able to crank out a larger number of console units for consumers to purchase has been no easy task.

Because of those issues, it will probably continue to be a challenge to get your hands on an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S through the holidays and beyond.

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While it may get a little easier in the weeks and months ahead, expect sold out to be a common theme from many retailers for a while. According to Xbox Chief Financial Officer Jim Stewart, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will have supply problems likely beyond April of 2021.

The Series X sold more in its first 24 hours than the Xbox One

Despite problems with the stock, Microsoft still hit milestones for sales of its new console.

Compared to the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X is looking like a rousing success. Spencer says the Xbox Series X is the company's best console launch ever. Specifically in terms of sales within the first day.


Meaning the Xbox Series X sold more than the Xbox One in that time period. The Xbox One sold about 1 million units in its first 24 hours. Spencer did not however mention exactly how many Xbox Series X units were sold. That milestone of hitting better sales numbers than the last console means Microsoft is doing something right here.

And the fact that the console is hard to keep in stock speaks volumes about its popularity with the consumer. Basically, keep your eyes peeled for more Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S units to hit retailers. And act fast, because it won't take long for stock to be depleted.