Here's What The LG Rollable Display Smartphone Could Look Like

LG Rollable Smartphone Project B

LG is rumored to launch a new smartphone featuring a rollable display in the first half of 2021. While Samsung is making great strides in the foldable smartphone segment, LG is taking an entirely different approach by experimenting with innovative designs under the new Explorer Project.

Meanwhile, several top smartphone manufacturers are yet to commercially launch their first foldable smartphone. According to Letsgodigital, LG filed for the rollable smartphone patent in August 2019 with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

New LG patent showcases rollable display smartphone

The device, named as Roll-slide mobile terminal, is now included in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) database for the worldwide protection of copyright. Unlike the previously patented rollable smartphone designs, the display on this device expands from the sides of the body.


While there is no way to avoid the crease on foldable devices, the rollable devices will be crease-free. Moreover, the rollable devices won’t be as bulky as the current foldable smartphones available in the market today.

As per the source, the rollable smartphone from LG sports an OLED panel and metal housing. LG recently launched the LG Wing smartphone as a part of the newly announced Explorer Project. At the end of the LG Wing launch event, the company also teased about the rollable device.

This might turn into a commercial device under the Explorer Project

Based on the leaks, LG’s rollable smartphone called Project B will debut in March 2021. Now, there is also a chance that this newly patented smartphone could launch as the rumored Project B next year. if everything goes as per the plan, this could become the second device in the Explorer Project.


The springs visible in the render will permit the device to stay in its expanded state without any wobbling. The company will likely make several refinements to perfect the ergonomics of the device as well. Obviously, LG will also work on the software part to adapt to different screen sizes.

When the device expands wide, the frame of the device moves along with the screen. Even though rollable devices seem to be a more practical solution, there is no way to protect the display from regular day-to-day usage. It still needs to be handled with care, unlike regular candy bar smartphones.

While rollable smartphones have yet to hit the market, LG is already selling a rollable TV. The LG Signature OLED TV with rollable display unveiled at CES 2020 went on sale last month for $87,000.


LG Rollable Smartphone Patent