LG Postpones Rollable Smartphone, But It's Still Coming In H1 2021

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It was reported a while back that LG will announce its rollable smartphone in H1 2021. We had no idea when will it happen exactly, though. Well, a new report has shared some more information on the matter.

According to information spotted at Naver, LG has decided to postpone the release of its rollable smartphone. That post says that the phone will launch in May next year. So, it’s still coming in H1 2021.

LG did postpone its rollable smartphone, but it will launch in H1 2021

This is not exactly a disappointment, as we had no idea when it was planned to begin with. Many people actually expected it to arrive in May or June. The source says that LG decided to postpone it because of some technical issues, and supply and demand as well.


This whole project seems to be referred to as ‘LG Explorer Project B2’, it seems. As some of you may know, this rollable device will be a part of the company’s ‘Explorer Project’ that has been announced a while back.

The LG Wing was the first device to launch as part of the company’s new project. Well, this rollable device will likely be the second one. That being said, it may become the world’s first rollable device to actually become available.

The LG Wing did become available, and the same is expected to happen with this rollable phone. We’re not sure when will it become available, but we’re hoping soon after it launches.


OPPO announced its rollable smartphone concept yesterday

Speaking of rollable smartphones, OPPO announced its rollable smartphone concept yesterday. That device is called the OPPO X 2021, and it won’t be coming to the market anytime soon, it seems.

A report that surfaced earlier today suggested that we’ll have to wait for that phone until 2022. Its display is manufactured by BOE, and it won’t be ready for mass production until 2022, based on that report, despite the fact OPPO showed a working model of the device. Do take that info with a grain of salt, as it hasn’t been confirmed.