JVC Launches New Earbuds With 45-Hour Battery, IP55 & More

JVC XC90T earbuds 2

JVC has just announced two new pairs of true wireless earbuds (TWS) – HA-XC50T and HA-XC90T. Both of these pairs of earbuds feature deep bass and the Japanese company's hallmark Triple Proof rugged design.

JVC HA-XC90T specifications

The HA-XC90T is a more premium model of the two. It features 12mm driver units housed in an independent acoustic chamber. The larger driver units, along with JVC's Extreme Deep Bass Ports and tornado shaped ducts that control diaphragm movement, makes for deep, tight bass. Additionally, there's a user-controllable bass boost feature that delivers even more "low-frequency punch."

The JVC HA-XC90T earbuds are compatible with Qualcomm's TrueWireless Stereo Plus (TWS Plus) technology. TWS Plus brings reduced latency, improved connectivity, and reduced power consumption by allowing simultaneous connection between the source device and the two earbuds. The new TWS earphones also feature Qualcomm's Clear Voice Capture noise cancellation technology that promises noise isolation for clearer voice calls.


It's the battery life where JVC's new pair of earbuds blow the competition away. The buds offer a whopping 15 hours of playtime on a single charge. The charging case can store enough energy to fully refuel the buds twice, allowing for a total battery life of around 45 hours per charge cycle. That's massive for a pair of TWS earbuds.

They don't take too long to charge as well. The buds can charge fully in about two and a half hours while the charging case takes three and a half hours to replenish its energy. The buds also support quick charging – ten minutes of charging delivers 90 minutes of playtime. The metal charging case features a ring so it can be easily attached to a belt loop or bag.

At 10.3 grams each, the buds are slightly on the heavier side but that's mainly because of what they pack inside. On the outside, you get touch controls with an audible confirmation tone to make operations convenient.

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JVC HA-XC50T specifications

The JVC HA-XC50T is an affordable model pair of earbuds. It features smaller, 5.8mm driver units though the company still promises the deep bass performance that the XX Series is known for. You are also getting smaller battery packs that can keep the buds running for four hours on a single charge. The charging case can supply another 10 hours of battery life.

The buds take two hours to charge fully, while the charging case can replenish its energy in three hours. Additionally, a quick 15-minute charging provides up to one hour of playtime. As you'd expect, these buds are significantly lighter at just 5.6 grams each.

As mentioned earlier, both JVC HA-XC50T and HA-XC90T feature the company's Triple Proof rugged design. It is essentially an IP55 rating for sweat, water, and dust resistance, along with rubber protectors for shock absorption. Both the earbuds connect over Bluetooth 5.0 and offer voice assistant compatibility. They also automatically power on when removed from the case and connect to the paired device.


Price and availability

Both JVC HA-XC50T and HA-XC90T are now available to buy across all major online and offline retailers throughout the nation. The former comes in black and red color options and costs $99.95. You're getting a USB Type-C cable and additional ear tips in three sizes (S/M/L).

The HA-XC90T, meanwhile, costs $199.95 and comes in a black color variant only. You're getting the same set of accessories with this pair of TWS earbuds as well.