How To Install An Android Head Unit In A Car?

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Do you already have an android head unit installed in your car? That’s obvious if your car is a brand spanking new and high-end one. But if you don’t own an expensive car that comes with bells and whistles then you have to install an android head unit in your car.

A luxury car comes with a pre-installed android head unit which will let you choose more options while changing music and directions. You can read new car reviews on autonerdsreview.com so that you can learn about the features of the car you’re going to buy.
On the other hand, Many head units are so tedious that they only come with old features. So, you might want to change that unit and install a new one.

However, if you don’t know how to install an android head unit in a car then you may ask a professional to do it for you but that can cost you a lot of money. If you want to do it by yourself then, we got you covered! We’ll write down the steps below to install an android head unit in a car.


How To Install An Android Head Unit In A Car

Remove The Old Head Unit: Before installing the new android head unit, you have to remove the old one. For this, you need a set of tools called panel poppers. Now remove the plastic trims that are holding the old head unit at the two ends by using the panel poppers. Remove the four bolts and pull out the head unit. You have to disconnect the main harness and radio antenna from the back of the head unit and keep it aside. Is it really necessary to get an android head unit in your car?

Connect features To New Head Unit: Once you remove the older head unit, it’s time to install the new android head unit in your car. So you have to connect the new unit to the main harness, radio antenna, gps antenna, and the other features that you want to add in. Some drivers wouldn’t want to add unnecessary features while some want to add in all the features they can as you might need to use them in the future. Here is a list of the top 3 android head units that you might fall in love with.

Install The Main Unit: Now it’s time to place the main unit in your car. You have to push all the connection wires inside and then set the new head unit right at the place where the old head unit was set. Bolt-in all the bolts you had taken out while removing the old unit. This will secure up by holding the unit strongly. Now take the plastic trims and set them in.

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Set Your Steering Wheel Buttons: When you turn on your android unit for the first time, you’ll see your steering wheel buttons aren’t working. You have to push your steering wheel buttons and set them in the settings of the head unit to solve this problem.

USB Input: If your car stereo is designed with a built-in USB port then it should typically be wired so it can provide power along with a data connection.
You can use the USB input to use the head unit with some advanced features like watching your photos, videos, or movies or listening to your favorite music.


An android head unit in a car allows you to complete a lot of tasks at the same time while driving. So it’s definitely a high time you install an Android head unit in your car. It’s easier to install than you could even think. All you need is just a few tools and a proper guide like this article. This is surely going to save you some bucks as you don’t need a professional to install it for you.