How To Connect Garmin Edge To Android Phone?

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Have you bought the Garmin Edge 830 bike GPS computer? But you don’t have any idea on how to connect a Garmin Edge to an android phone? Well, just owning a luxurious accessory isn’t enough until you don’t learn to utilize it properly. You can easily connect any Garmin Edge GPS device to your android phone simply by installing an app on it.

Just like all other electronics, GPS computers are improving its features or adding new features every day. All of the Garmin Edge GPS devices are constructed with the latest technology. Connect it to your smartphone and enjoy the benefits of these smart devices.

If you already have bought a Garmin Edge GPS device then you must be eager to connect it to your phone and start using this amazing GPS computer. Now that you don’t know the proper way to connect it to your smartphone, our expert team is waiting to help you out. So let’s dive in!


How To Connect Garmin Edge To Android Phone

Installing Garmin Connect App: Though the previous GPS computers you used could get connected to the phone through Bluetooth. But the Garmin Edge GPS computers need their specific application to be installed on the phone. Install the application from the google play store or app store and open the application.

Turn On The GPS Device: You’ll find a power button in the device. Hold it to turn it on. You got to select the language as the first thing after turning it on. The next thing on the screen would let you connect the GPS computer to your android phone. You can also swipe down the home screen for settings and then select phone, pair smartphone to connect it to the phone.

Single Or Multiple GPS Device: At this point, you are having two options. If it’s your first GPS device to connect to your Garmin connect application then follow the instructions on the screen.


If you already have another Garmin cycling computer connected to the Garmin connect app then go to the menu, select Garmin devices then select add device, and follow the instructions.

Once you follow the steps, you’ll receive a message and the device will get synced automatically with the android phone.

Now if you find any problem while connecting the device to your phone then try the following tips…

  • Turn off your android phone and GPS device then turn them on again.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your android phone.
  • Check if your Garmin connect app is updated to the latest version. If not then get it updated.
  • You can try resetting the Garmin Edge GPS device so it will forget the smartphones it was connected to.
  • Also, try removing the device from the app and the Bluetooth settings of your phone. Now Connect your device with them again.
  • If you have an old phone that is connected with the device then remove the device connection from the Garmin connect app on the old phone.
  • Take your android phone as close as possible to the device. Now try pairing the new phone that you want to connect all over again.

I hope you could now connect the Garmin Edge GPS computer to your android phone with the tips shared above. You should not have any problem after trying these all. Once you connect the device to your phone, you’ll be amazed by the features the Garmin edge line provides.


It’s not rocket science to connect a Garmin Edge to your smartphone. You can easily do that as the devices are made to be used easily. Just make sure you follow the steps properly. They can be connected to the iPhone or any other android phone. After you connected the device to your phone, you can enjoy amazing features such as Dynamic performance monitoring, training status, heat, and altitude acclimation, Shimano steps e-bike system compatible, cycling dynamics, advanced workout, ClimbPro feature, and many more.