HMD Reviving Two More Classic Nokia Phones Akin To 3310 Reboot

Nokia 210 MWC 2019 AM AH 3

HMD Global is almost ready to announce new, reimagined versions of two more classic Nokia phones. According to a new report out of Germany, the company is more than happy with how its initial foray into iconic feature phone re-releases panned out. Of course, we’re talking about a handful of handsets led by the first modern iteration of the legendary Nokia 3310 (2017). Believe it or not, that particular device hit the market over three years ago.

Still, there’s definitely more where that came from, established industry insider Roland Quandt claims. More specifically, HMD is planning to release conceptually similar redesigns of two other old cellphone hits. Called the Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000, the devices will almost certainly be announced before the end of this year. As per the same source.

The feature phones that inspired the upcoming designs are noticeably younger than the indestructible 3310. In fact, many would argue that the original Nokia 6300 is the absolute peak of the Finnish company’s mobile design excellence. Launched in late 2016, the Nokia 6300 was one of the last truly planetary popular feature phones ever made. Plus, it’s part of an even smaller crowd of feature phones that actually went toe-to-toe with modern smartphones.


With even more classic Nokia phones on their way, the Finnish mobile brand reached another level of timelessness

As for the Nokia 8000, the report claims this is going to be a reimagining of the decade-long series that started with the Nokia 8110 in ’96 and ended with the Nokia 8600 released 11 years later. This particular range was always prone to experimentation, and the same should hold true for the Nokia 8000. The fact that the Finnish mobile giant of old never actually used this name isn’t too surprising. As the aforementioned experimental note also extended to the series’ naming conventions which were all over the place. As illustrated by e.g. the iconic Nokia 8800 which hit the market years before the Nokia 8600.

But enough with the confusing names. What’s important is that we’re in for even more dirt-cheap handsets inspired by some of the most iconic cellphones ever. And much like the latest Nokia 3310 model, both the Nokia 6300 (2020) and 8000 will offer LTE connectivity. As well as a standalone browser, rear-mounted camera setups, and a number of other features meant to bring the devices closer to today’s smartphones. At least in terms of some user experience fundamentals. But it’s not like either device will be marketed as an outright replacement for Android devices.