Google Play Store Plans To Ditch Current Settings Menu & Multiple Pages

Google Play Store Icon Logo AH 2020

As per an APK Insight post, our friends at 9to5Google has found that Google is prepping to revamp the Play Store Settings page. It will be getting rid of the long lists and multiple pages.

Currently, the Play Store on Android sports a Settings page that has all the important settings but in a long list view style. Each setting when tapped would open on a new page.

For some, this long list of Play Store settings could be intimidating. Although there is nothing to be scared off. But for finding the right settings, users have to scroll down through a long list of settings.


However, the good news is that the company is now planning to revamp the Google Play Store Settings page. And make it much more convenient and easy to use for the users.

Note that APK Insight post decompiles the latest version of the application that Google uploads to the Play Store. The decompilation of the APKs highlights some of the underlying codes that hint at a possible upcoming feature.

But it is always possible that the app developer may completely ditch the feature. And the feature may not make it ever to the stable version of the app in the future.

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So, this is just an indication that Google is working on something, and if it turns out to be fruitful, the new settings menu will be updated to the Play Store.

Google Play Store version 22.4.25 highlights this new redesign of the Settings menu

The folks at 9t5Google decompiled the Google Play Store version 22.4.25. Besides, they found out the new redesigned Settings menu underlying in this app version.

The current Play Store settings page shows a list of options that the user can toggle. And it is basically divided into three sections, i.e. General, User Controls, and About.


Apparently, the newly redesigned settings page would have a ‘down’ arrow at the right of each section. This down arrow, when pressed, will show a drop-down list of all the options under that particular section.

All the features related to the settings will be listed under the heading of the section. This ultimately makes the settings page of the Google Play Store decluttered and easy to maneuver.

Moreover, all the sections can be expanded at the same time or one at a time. Just below the header of the section, there is a preview of settings that are included under that particular header.


Additionally, the newly redesigned settings page will keep you on the same page when you toggle any feature. This also gives Google more room for consolidating more options into one page.

As seen from the images, the ‘Family’ section has a separate header which is currently buried under another part of the app. But as mentioned earlier, there is no clarity if Google will bring this redesigned settings page.