Google Pixel 5 Teardown Shows There's No Reason To Worry

Google Pixel 5 teardown

The first Google Pixel 5 teardown is here. This teardown may be more interesting than you may think, as people seem to be worried about the phone’s build. Why? Well, some users have received units that come with a screen gap issue.

Such devices are shipped that way. The display does not pop out on its own, at least that’s what the reports have been saying. Such reports have users worried about the quality of the device. They’re worried whether they should order the phone at all.

This teardown proves the Google Pixel 5 is a well-assembled smartphone

Well, you can rest easy, the Google Pixel 5 is a really well-assembled device. Screen gap issues are likely caused by quality control, rather than anything else. There is, technically no fault in the general build of the phone.


So, if you receive a unit with a screen gap issue, feel free to return and replace it. You should have no issues doing so. There aren’t that many such units out there, even though the number of reports you’ve seen may be worrisome.

If you take a look at the teardown video, which is embedded below the article, you’ll see that the construction is pretty standard. The device’s display comes with a number of hefty clips around it. There’s also plenty of adhesive that needs to be heated before you can disassemble the phone.

The point is, the display won’t detach anything soon. Also, the amount of adhesive Google used should be enough to hold off the water as well. The whole thing seems to be well-built.

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Google used plenty of ribbon calves and pop-out connectors

There are also plenty of ribbon cables and pop-out connectors used here. That’s a good thing, as the Google Pixel 5 should be a bit easier to repair thanks to that. Some OEMs use way less ribbon cables, and make things that much difficult to repair.

So, there you have it. If you’re planning to get the Pixel 5, go for it. The phone is well-built, and if you happen to stumble upon a faulty unit, simply return it. If not, this phone should serve you well moving forward.