Google Says That The Pixel 5 Screen Gap Is Normal

pixel 5 screen gaps

Google announced the Pixel 5, back in September 2020. And the customers got their hands on the Pixel 5 device starting mid-October. However, several users started noticing a screen gap on their Pixel 5 devices.

Google has investigated the issue and has come to a conclusion, which many users will not like it. Apparently, Google says that the Pixel 5 screen gap between the display and body is a "normal part of the design."

Adding further, Google says that the gap being a normal part of the design, it will not impact the water-resistance feature on the Pixel  5 smartphones.


For the unaware, as soon as the eagle-eyed customers started getting their hands on the Pixel 5, they found that there is a gap between the display and body of the device.

This is not what you expect from a premium smartphone manufacturer like Google. In fact, it also did not go down well with the users. And customers went livid with Google over the lack of quality control exercise on Pixel 5.

Call it good or bad, but after several reports on multiple platforms, Google finally addressed this issue. A Community Specialist, David Pop, came out and addressed the matter at hand.

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The gap between the display and body won't impact the dust and water resistance of the phone

He stated that Google has investigated the issue of units received from the customers. And they have combined it with their quality control data from the factory.

And the conclusion is that the Pixel 5 screen gap is a normal part of the design of the Pixel 5. Moreover, this would not impact the water and dust resistance or functionality of the phone.

So, this ultimately clears out the immediate concern related to the impact on the IP68 rating. However, users still have concerns that this issue varies from device to device.


Meaning that on some device, the gap is more pronounced while in some, it is less evident. Good thing is that the inside of the phone is not visible even after the pronounced gap.

The sad part is that using the phone with the gap in day-to-day life collects dust and debris between the gap and gets trapped. But we have some points that determine that what Google is saying may be correct.

As in a teardown video, it was revealed that Google has made use of some clips to keep Pixel 5's display from falling off. These clips are used in addition to the adhesive to firmly keep the Pixel 5 display in place.


This means that Google has put in good thought the process to get that IP68 rating. And the clips may be the reason for the Pixel 5 screen gap between the display and body of the device.