Plugging USB-C Cable Into Pixel 5 Automatically Turns On Reverse Charging

google pixel 5 reverse charging feature

Google introduced the Pixel 5 along with Pixel 4a 5G. Though, it comes with some cool features. Yes! we are talking about the Pixel 5 reverse charging feature or Battery Share.

And as per a new development, Google has incorporated this reverse wireless charging feature on its Pixel 5 in a very thoughtful way.

Basically, when you plug the USB-C cable into your Google Pixel 5, it will automatically turn ON the reverse charging feature. Note that this feature is called "Battery Share" on Google Pixel 5.


Battery Share or in simple terms, reverse charging feature has become one of the key features of smartphones this year. We have seen multiple Huawei, Samsung, phones adopting this feature.

And with Pixel 5, Google also joined the bandwagon. To make you understand, this Pixel 5 Battery Share feature turns the device into a power bank. You can then use your Pixel 5 to charge other wireless devices.

This means that you can very conveniently charge up your other smartphone or earpods, that support wireless charging by placing it on the back of the Google Pixel 5.

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However, Pixel 5 automatically turns this feature on once your plug-in the USB-C cable. This is unlike other smartphones, where you need to enable the reverse charging feature by toggling a setting,

Once the USB-C cable is plugged in, Pixel 5 notifies the user that the is feature turned on

Every time you plug in the USB-C cable to your Pixel 5, a notification will pop-up stating that the Battery Share feature is now enabled on your device.

So, in this way, the user will know that they can charge their other devices. Moreover, further clarity on this feature was also highlighted by Google on its support page.


In fact, Google has also clarified that the Pixel 5 Battery Share or reverse charging feature will turn off if it does not sense anything that is using the power. A nice cool way to prevent the device from getting heated up.

All of this only points towards that Google has put in a good thought process before implementing this charging, or what they call it, the Battery Share feature.

But this does not mean that you cannot use the reverse wireless charging feature on the Pixel 5 when your phone is not plugged in. For that, you have to manually turn this feature on.


Apparently, you have to head over to Settings >> Battery >> Battery Share. Here you have to add the Battery Share toggle to your quick settings dropdown menu.

Taking everything into consideration, Google has done a good job including the reverse charging feature on Pixel 5. If you have a Pixel 5, then you can convert it into a Qi charger anywhere. Pretty nifty!