Google Pixel 5 Camera Rolling Out To Older Pixels With New UI

Google Pixel 4a 5G AM AH 25

The Google Pixel 5 camera is now rolling out to older Pixels with new UI changes. We’re, of course, talking about Google Camera here, about version 8.1. That version of Google Camera did come pre-installed on the Pixel 5.

Do note that the version 8.0 shipped with the Pixel 5, and the v8.1 seems to be the very same thing, but to older Pixels. A Google Pixel 4 XL user reported that he received the update. He shared the news via Twitter.

We’re still not sure if Google started the switch with the Pixel 4 XL, or if other Pixels are getting the update as well. I, personally, still didn’t get it on the Pixel 4a, as I’m still on the version 7.5.


This Google Camera update brings new UI and some new features to older Pixels

Do note that this update does not include all the new camera features from the Pixel 5. It does, however, bring better zoom controls, a wide-portrait mode, and some other changes.

The UI redesign reorganizes some of the camera features as well, from along the bottom bar. You’ll be able to see features like Audio zoom and one-tap zoom adjustments as well.

The Cinematic Pan feature will also become available to devices like the Pixel 4 XL. Now, some of you are probably looking to sideload this update to their Pixel phones as soon as possible. Don’t do that, though.

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Even when this update is installed on the Pixel 5, as 9to5Google notes, it is showing some verification errors. Chances are you will get something similar on your Pixel phone if you try sideloading.

This update should become available on your device soon, if it hasn’t already. The update should roll out to quite a few Pixel phones, maybe even all of them, we’re not sure. Features may differ from one version to the next, though, as Google did not share the details.