Google Working On Fix For Pixel 5 Battery Indicator Issues

Google Pixel 5 AM AH 20

According to several reports, Google is working on a fix and will soon release a new bug fix update for the Pixel 5 battery indicator issues, which has been troubling the users.

Well, not too long ago, Pixel 5 users reported on multiple platforms that their Pixel 5 battery indicator being stuck. Basically, Google Pixel 5’s charging indicator got stuck to some random number.

One thing to note is that not all the Pixel 5 devices are plagued by this battery indication issue. Moreover, this issue is present mainly while charging the phone.


To give you more clarity, the Pixel 5 battery indicator would show a random battery percentage and does not change over an extended period of time. Users were pretty baffled with this, as they would have to restart their device to know the exact battery percentage left.

Good thing is that Google has heard the plea of several Pixel 5 users. And has assured that a new software update would soon be rolled out for the phone that would fix this issue.

Several users have reported that their new Pixel 5 phones took around three hours to go down from 100% to 99%. Which is completely abnormal.


Over the past few days, several Pixel 5 owners have raised concerns about this bug present on the phone. Luckily Google was quick enough to acknowledge this issue and a bug fix update will soon be on its way.

Pixel 5 owners can temporarily fix the battery indicator issue by restarting their device

Besides, as already mentioned, if you are also experiencing this Pixel 5 battery indication issue, then there is a temporary fix available. All you need to do is to restart your phone in order to know the exact battery percentage.

Yes, this sounds pretty absurd. But it was what you have to live with and have to do if you own a buggy Pixel 5 device. Moreover, it is not yet clear when Google will be rolling out the update with a potential fix for this bug.


It seems like Google has recently started working on a fix for this issue. So, we would count at least a couple of weeks before this Pixel 5 bug fix update makes its way to the affected owners.

The Google product expert also notes that you can restart your phone and plug in the charger. This will raise the battery level to the correct level. Well, this is something that you could try on to know the exact battery percentage at the moment on your Pixel 5.

Google has already taken a detour by releasing two mid-range phones, i.e. the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G instead of a flagship device this year.


Though everything was going fine till the time this Pixel 5 battery indicator issues surfaced to the users. And multiple reports claiming the same came barging in.

All we can do is hope that Google would soon release the update with a fix for this Pixel 5 battery indicator issues. Till then, stay tuned to Android Headlines.