Google Personal Safety App Will Send Status Updates During Emergencies

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Google has a Personal Safety app for all the Pixel phones that let's keep the users safe. And as per the latest reports, the Google Personal Safety app is now receiving a new feature that lets you send status updates during emergencies.

The main aim of Google Personal Safety app is to connect the users to first responders during times of emergencies. And this new feature would up the game and share your status when a certain action is taken.

As per Android Police, the latest Google Personal Safety App status update feature is arriving with the latest version of the app. Besides, it is meant exclusively for Pixel phones.


The Emergency Sharing feature would include information like your phone call status and battery level. This feature has been spotted for users running older version of the app as well.

So, it is unclear at the moment that the update is arriving with the latest version or it is a server-side update. Users are reportedly seeing a new "'Emergency Sharing" option.

This option is buried under the Settings menu and it has a single menu called "Status Updates." To give you some context, you can alert an emergency contact when a phone call is made or when your battery drains to 15%.

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Real-time location sharing will be enabled by default in the Personal Safety App

Notably, the real-time location sharing feature will be enabled by default in the app. Because the core purpose of the Google Personal Safety app is to provide the real-time location.

The app also shows when the subject's phone was used at all. These are some of the features, which are nice to see Google implementing in the Personal Safety app.

Apparently, these features are quite similar to what you may have seen with the Trusted Contacts app. Additionally, the Personal Safety app is also getting notification for natural disasters and public emergencies feature as well.


The public emergency feature would detect if you would have been into a car crash. Users can input their medical information that could be hopeful for emergency contacts.

Sadly, all these important features are coming exclusively for the Google Pixel devices. So, if you own a Google Pixel device then, you should definitely install the app and use this app.

This would keep sanity and peace in the minds of your loved ones and also you. Because if unfortunately, you are in an emergency situation, all your real-time information would be shared with your first responders.


You can grab the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store. However, note that it may arrive as a server-side update. So, the latest version also may not trigger this new feature.