Google Pay (Tez) Payments App Gets A Brand New Icon

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As per a new report by 9to5Google, Google's payments app in India, Google Pay (Tez) is getting a new icon. The new icon has all the traditional 4 colors of Google, i.e. red, blue, green, and yellow.

Notably, a lot has been happening around the Google Pay app in India. Back in September 2020, we reported that the developers of Google Pay are re-writing the app entirely using Flutter.

Soon after this info, the updated app was released in the same month. There were some minor design changes. But now, the app's logo is getting completely overhauled with a new four-color logo.


This new app was spotted on the latest beta version of the app. However, there is a bit of confusion among the users, as to what does the new logo signifies.

Besides, the new icon also gives you the look of a 3D Squarespace icon. Just the Google Pay logo has Google's four distinct colors. Recently Google has been revamping the icons of some of its apps.

And we would very well see the Google Pay app's new logo in the stable version. Good thing is that we may have the answer to your confusion about the icon.

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Google Pay new logo signifies a minimal wallet

According to XDA, the icon extracted from the latest Google Pay beta APK is called "logo_billfold." And by bifold, Google was trying to recreate a minimal wallet.

But looking at the new logo, it is nowhere close to any kind of wallet or even folded bills. Google may have the best developers, but they have to seriously look into their logo designers, at least for this app.

The new Google Pay logo is evident everywhere, including the splash screen to the inside of the app. The function of the app includes nothing new.


Other than the new logo, the payment app will now be called G Pay, and not Google Pay. So, instead of the full Google Pay app label, the company is now using simply G Pay for the payment app.

If you are also interested in seeing the new Google Pay logo, then you can grab the latest beta version of the app that has been re-written on Flutter.

The app version that you need to have is v116.1.9 (beta). You need to be a beta user for Google Pay in order to grab the APK file from the Google Play Store.


We are also expecting that the international version of the Google Pay app would also be re-written in Flutter. This is going to happen sometime next year, and we also expect the new logo to eventually be available for international users as well.