Google Maps Timeline Gets A New 'Trips' Tab, Coming To Google Photos Soon

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New reports indicate that Google Maps Timeline view is getting a 'Trips' tab. Additionally, this Timeline view will soon arrive to Google Photos.

The current coronavirus scenario has really put all the travel plans on the back burner. It is even hard to imagine traveling the world carefree using Google Maps.

But if you have been a traveler in the pre-corona period, then Google Maps is will allow users to go back and relive their past trips. This new feature is called the Trips tab.


This new Google Maps Trips tab will be added to the Timeline. Notably, this Trips tab will include all of your past trips, vacations, or places that you have visited.

The information that will be available in the Trips tab would include the total distance traveled and the modes of travel you used. This is a nice feature to have as you can share this trip directly with someone who is going to be in the same place.

Moreover, users will be able to share their itineraries with friends and families. So, you do not have to constantly direct them on how they can properly visit the place.

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Google is also planning to bring Google Maps Timeline to the Photos map view

Basically, when you share your past trips from this new Google Maps Trips tab, it consists of the answer to the question, "Where should I visit?"

You will be sharing information about the hotels, restaurants, and other places that you have visited during that visit. In this way, it will be easier for your friends or family to go about or follow the same itinerary.

Apparently, Google is also planning to bring the Google Maps Timeline feature to the Google Photos app. Meaning that users will be able to see where on a map they’ve taken photos.


This is a nice way to keep a tab on the places that you have visited and relive the memory. Besides, it also acts as a travel scrapbook for travel enthusiasts.

Users will also be able to the exact path or route traveled through the photos. Google says that the user would have full control over whether to show or hide your Timeline from Google Map view’s settings in Photos.

This would also keep the users sane about the information that is being collected. The Mountain View giant has also added a COVID-19 layer that allows users to get information about COVID-19 cases in the area using Google Maps.


Here's hoping this pandemic gets over and we, my friends, would hit the roads soon.