Google Launches The Mandalorian AR App For 5G Android Phones

the mandalorian ar app google

After being away from adding AR content in the camera app for a long time, Google has now launched The Mandalorian AR app for its camera app.

Notably, to experience The Mandalorian AR content, users will need a 5G Pixel device or any other 5G Android smartphone from the list Google provided. The experience is not available for 5G tablets or PCs.

Star Wars characters are world-famous and to let its fans experience the iconic moments from the web-series, Google has partnered with Disney and Lucasfilm to bring The Mandalorian AR app.


This AR app brings characters from the popular web-show directly to your private space in augmented reality. Users will interact with the character in AR. Moreover, you can also capture an image or share scenes from the app.

The Mandalorian AR app is a free Android app that brings iconic and realistic moments to life using AR and 5G. This is the reason you need a 5G-enabled device to experience high-quality AR characters.

Previously, Pixel phones featured Star Wars: The Last Jedi AR stickers. Ever since that, Google has kept its distance from adding AR content in its camera app. It has relied on widely available alternatives like AR animals, etc.

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The app is built using ARCore features like occlusion to help blend 3D scenes into reality

The Mandalorian AR app is available via the Google Play Store. It is built using the latest ARCore features like occlusion. This helped the developers blend the 3D scenes and characters into reality.

Depth API allowed the Mandalorian AR characters to realistically appear in front or behind real-world objects. The AR stickers will respond to your environment, and some actions may even unlock more effects.

Since the app is based on Google’s latest AR technologies, it won’t work on any Android smartphone. You need to make sure that your phone has 5G support.


The Mandalorian AR app is available on the Play Store starting November 23, 2020. It will continue its run and wrap up after nearly a year on October 31, 2020.

One important thing to note is that, as per TechCrunch, Google has said that during the availability of the AR app, there will only be 5 content drops.

As per a previous Play Store description, Google had said there would be new content additions every Monday.


You can head over here to see if it supports your Android phone on a list provided on the Google Developers website. The company also noted that other phones may be supported in the future.

The Mandalorian AR Experience (Play Store)