A Fresh Design And Better Features Comes To Google Fit On Wear OS

Google Fit Wear OS Workout Improvements

If you're still kicking around on a Wear OS smartwatch and you use Google Fit to track your wellness data, you're in for a treat.

Google has just laid out plans for improvements that it will be making to the Google Fit app on its Wear OS platform in the very near future.

All of the improvements Google is making to the app seem to be heavily focused on bettering the overall user experience. Which includes giving the design a fresh coat of paint.


Of course it's not all about looks. And really these changes are mostly about simplicity and making things easier to access and stay on top of.

Tracking your workouts on Google Fit for Wear OS is way simpler now

As noted these improvements are significantly focused, at least in part, on simplicity. And tracking your workouts on the platform is definitely getting easier.

To be a little more specific, checking in on yourself is much more possible from a glance. When you start workouts, you'll be able to see details that pertain to those workouts with a quick look down at your wrist.

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Things like how many kilometers or miles you've traveled and what your average is will be front and center.

Meanwhile, users can still access media controls and other functions of the watch quickly. All they have to do is swipe the right to reveal those options.

You can also receive alerts on the watch each time you mass another kilometer or mile. Ands see your split times.


Take a breather in between intense sessions

Workouts can be intense, as can everyday life. And sometimes it's easy to forget that every once in a while we need a little time to ourselves.

Google Fit on Wear OS is getting a new breathe tile that reminds you to slow down, take a breath (or five) and just relax for a minute every now and again.

There's also new heartrate zones, new workout goals to help keep you motivated, and you can even set up notifications for when you hit those goals. Allowing you to receive a little bit of praise for the accomplishment.


Google says the changes are inbound this week. That doesn't mean that every user will see the changes right away though. These things take time so some users may see them earlier in the week than others.

Though, all users should see the improvements before the week is completely over.