Google Fit Gets Redesigned Home Screen & New Wear OS Tiles

Google Fit App Update November 2020

Google Fit app is the most preferred fitness app among Android and Wear OS users. However, it has never stood out as a preferred choice among fitness enthusiasts. That could change with the latest update rolled out to the Google Fit app. The new Google Fit app update introduces a redesigned home screen, improved sleep tracking details, and more.

The home screen on this updated app is reorganized to display more fitness insights. Users can also take a quick glance at the daily and weekly goals for Heart Points and Steps. The revised home screen layout will also accommodate heart rate, weight, and blood pressure data.

Google introduces redesigned Google Fit home screen

It also gives a sneak peek of the most recent workout on the home screen itself. The revamped home screen of the Google Fit app will show up on both Android and iOS. Since Google Fit can’t track most of the data points, it aggregates from the connected apps and devices.

Coming to sleep tracking, the updated Google Fit will display in-depth information. The newly added features include nightly activity, viewing sleep stages, setting bedtime schedule, and more. As of now, users can get the sleep-related data by using a connected device like the Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch, Oura Ring, or Withings sleep tracking mat.


Also, the sleep-tracking apps like Sleep As Android or Sleep Cycle will give in-depth sleep information. Google also mentioned supporting more devices and apps in the feature for sleep tracking. The new Google Fit app will also show the summary of the outdoor activities like walking or running on a map with pace and mile markers.

The new update has already started rolling out for both Android & iOS users

Now, the app will also let users share this information through social media or messaging apps. Moreover, the Wear OS-powered smartwatches will also get new tiles. Users can access these tiles by simply swiping from right to left on the watch face. The newly added Workouts Tile will show all your metrics in one place while working out.

Users can also get quick access to their recent workouts through this tile at any time. Another addition is the Breathe Tile, which brings guided breathing sessions to the Wear OS smartwatches. The Weather Tile is updated to display relevant details, including precipitation and weather alerts, in a new bolder look.

The new Google Fit app update has begun rolling out for both Android and iOS users. It might take a few days to show up on all the eligible devices.

Wear OS Weather Tile
Wear OS Weather Tile