Google Brings New Duo Filters & A Turkey Timer To The Assistant

google duo filters turkey timer assistant

After adding the English to the turkey translation feature in Search to make this Thanksgiving fun, Google is adding some new duo filter and a turkey timer on the Google Assistant.

Notably, Google is going all-in with its Thanksgiving Easter eggs. In its official blog, Google announced that it is adding a small audible and visual surprise for Google Assistant when you ask it to set a turkey timer.

When you ask the assistant to set a turkey timer, Google Assistant will answer your requests with a gobble. Taking this fun further, if you own smart displays like the Nest Hub, Google will display a cute illustration of a turkey.


This could be used for some laughs between family members during our current situation of social distancing. You may also get inspired for preparing a wonderful, juicy, mouth-watering turkey dinner.

All you got to do is ask your smart display to set a "turkey timer for x minutes/hours." To which the Assistant will reply in gobble for its confirmation. And you will see a visualization of what you have in your stove right on your smart display. But if you do not have a smart display, then you will only hear the gobble sound.

You can make use of Google Assistant to help you prepare a delicious turkey dinner

If you want all out this Thanksgiving and want to up your cooking game, then Google will remind you that it is by your side for help. You can ask for new recipes, cooking techniques, convert measurements of the ingredients, etc.

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Moreover, you can also ask Google Assistant for things like vegan stuffing, how to roll a pie or almost anything. Turkeys are also finding their way into Google Duo video-calling app.

Google has added a new Duo turkey filter. This is meant to give you some fun moments with your loved ones while you communicating with them over a video call.

Once you have activated the Google Duo turkey filter then, it will dress you up in a turkey costume and get you in the festive mood. Your face will peek out of the animal's beak. These are some nifty features that Google has added in order to make your festival safe, yet fun.


You can try out all these new features that Google has introduced as Google turkey-themed Easter eggs. Well, that's not it. In the official blog, Google says as a fun bonus, you can search "Happy Thanksgiving" on Google for a hidden surprise.