Google Drive Spotted Testing Support For Opening Encrypted Files

Google Drive AH NS 05

A new string of codes has been spotted by XDA in a Google APK teardown, which shows that Google Drive will soon add support for opening encrypted files.

Notably, with this Google Drive feature, users will be able not only to download the encrypted file but also to open them in Google Drive itself.

APK teardown takes a look at the strings of codes, uncovering what new features the developers are eyeing for future release. However, it is not always the case. Basically, new features shown in the APK teardown post will make it to the stable version of the app.


The new Google Drive support for opening encrypted files feature was spotted for Android version 2.20.441.06.40. One of the codes, mentions the ability to open files directly in Google Drive.

Besides, the other code highlights that this new feature would come to Google Drive in the future release. Moreover, other string of codes suggests that Google Drive will gain the ability to download and decrypt files.

But that’s about it. Beyond the above-mentioned explanation, there is nothing much that can be said about these features. For instance, it is unclear whether Google Drive users would be able to encrypt files directly on the web or in Google’s apps.


Google Drive encryption feature could be coming behind a paywall

Back in October, Google Drive gained the ability to directly edit the document by default. Moreover, users will also be able to open the document in editing mode or download it.

Apart from this, Google One recently got a paid VPN service. So, we are expecting that the Google Drive encryption feature could also be coming behind a paywall.

Currently, Google Drive does not feature a native encryption feature. However, those who want some encryption features can install the add-ons that support encryption and decryption.


Encrypting files is a great way to keep the files safe from hackers and prying eyes. Only the sender and the receiver have the information as to what is there in the document.

In fact, the encrypted files are also safe in situations when there is a data breach or security issue. Now, Google Drive is working on a native encryption feature it would be a nice way to negate the need of relying on third-party add-ons for getting encryption features.

Talk about the Google Drive encryption feature, it is yet to be seen whether this feature makes its way to the stable version.


For the time being, you can keep your data safe by having a strong password and enabling two-factor authentication. There are apps like Boxcryptor, which features Google Drive integration.