Google Assistant & Google Fi Get New Features For The Whole Family

google assistant and google fi features

This holiday season Google is adding some more new features to its Google Assistant and Google Fi. Google is giving every member of the family some features that would make things easier, more convenient, and safer.

Google is bringing in new features that will cater to every member of the family, be they young or old. Specifically, a new feature called Google Notes.

Google Assistant Family Notes would work like digital sticky notes. Anyone from the family could use Google Assistant to note down digital to-do notes. You can leave these messages as a special reminder or message you have for the family.


Google Fi users could restrict who can call and text their kids down to recent and saved contacts too. Moreover, parents would be able to set a monthly data budget to prevent going over budget on the current plan.

The big thing here is that family members will be able to restrict strangers from contacting their children on their Android phones. And Family Link on Google Fi would allow users to manage how much time the younger people on the plan spend on the device each day.

Parents will also be able to see what they're spending their device time on. Additionally, Google Assistant will be rolling out a new Family tab later this year for the smart display.

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Google Assistant Family Bell is also getting new sound effects

Existing features like Family Bell in the Family tab are also getting new sound effects. New sound effects and new bell suggestions within Family Bell will allow users to pause bells for a day.

Family Bell will also help all the family members stay organized. In addition, Google Assistant will also help you learn with your family members while you stay safe at home.

Simply ask "what can I learn with my family?," and all the educational activities from the sources like ABCmouse will be listed. You can even ask Google Assistant to tell you a story to listen to content from Noggin, Capstone, and more.


For keeping track of your loved ones, Google is also integrating Life360 and Google Maps with Google Assistant. Kids can ask their family members about their location.

Visual results will help the kids or other family members to stay in touch with each other. Also, the Assistant will dictate the directions on the smart displays and mobile devices via speakers.

Notably, all these features will be making their way to Google Assistant and Google Fi users by the end of this year. If you wish to learn in-depth about all the features, then you can head over here.