Google Will Allow Disabling Smart Features In Gmail, Chat & Meet

gmail personalization and smart features

Google, via its official blog, announced that it is bringing some new settings that would allow the users to disable smart features and personalization in Gmail, Chat, and Meet.

This would eventually give the users more control over their data. These two new Google data usage options would let the users disable options like automatic sorting of emails in primary, social, and promotions category, smart compose when writing an email, or even summary cards.

In fact, users of Gmail, Chat, and Meet will also be able to turn off personalization features like bill payment reminders, restaurant reservations, etc.


Notably, these two new features for Gmail users will be rolling out in the coming weeks. Basically, this new option to disable smart features and personalization would restrict Google from accessing your data in Gmail, Meet, and Chat.

Google used these data in order to offer smart features and other Google services. Once you have disabled these two options, Google will no longer make use of your personal data to offer personalized services.

Good thing is that you can enable or disable these options from Gmail settings anytime you want. Disabling these options would also disable any calendar event creation from dates and other details in emails.

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Google did not mention an exact date for the rollout of this feature

In its official blog, Google explains that it wants these smart features to make you save time and allow for a more personalized experience, rather than simply being there as an option.

Besides, the ability to turn on/off the smart features and personalization is not new. However, the choices over what data Google uses is new.

Google did not mention the exact date when these features will roll out for the users. But coined that in the coming weeks, all users will gradually get the features.


With these features, Google wants its users to be in control of the data that they are sharing. It does not matter whether you are an individual Gmail user or a Google Workspace administrator.

These smart features and personalization options are pretty handy, as it learns from user experience research. Adding to this, Google says that some more features would be coming to its products in order to align them with these new trends.

Let us know in the comments below, whether you would continue using the smart features and personalized options. Or else would like to take control of the data that you share with Google.


google smart features and personalized options