Galaxy S21 Ultra To Have The Thinnest Bottom Bezel In The Market

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will have the thinnest bottom bezel aka “chin” in the market, it seems. This information comes from Ice Universe, who is basing his conclusion on CAD renders.

The tipster clearly said that the bottom bezel on the device will be the thinnest in any smartphone. The tipster did include several CAD renders, and an edited image of an existing Samsung smartphone to show you how thin the chin will be. That device is upside down, and the display camera hole has been edited out, hence the weird placement of its physical buttons.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra may ship with uniform bezels all around. Some rumors suggested that will be the case, and it would be great if those rumors end up being true. Do note that the device will likely feature a slightly curved display, though.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra to have the thinnest bottom bezel out there, and possibly uniform bezels as well

The Google Pixel 5 launched with uniform bezels, and it looks that much better because of it. The Google Pixel 5 does include a display camera hole, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra will as well.

Samsung’s flagship will include a centered display camera hole, unlike the Pixel 5, however. Google’s offering includes a display hole that is located in the top-left corner of the display.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is expected to launch in January. The device will likely launch in mid-January along with its siblings, the Galaxy S21, and S21+. Samsung seemingly opted to launch its flagships around 6 weeks ahead of its usual schedule.

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Samsung is, allegedly, trying to steal some users from Huawei by launching its flagships so early. The company, of course, did not confirm that, but that is what some reports are saying.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is expected to become the first S series smartphone to support the S Pen. The device allegedly won’t ship with the S Pen, nor include space inside it to store it, but it will support it.

That will be the only S21 handset to support the S Pen, though, so keep that in mind. The Galaxy Note 21 may not even launch in 2021, based on rumors. Samsung is planning to replace it with the S series and the Z Fold series devices, in a way.