Galaxy S21 Ultra May Offer The Best Telephoto Cameras In The Market

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According to some new information shared by a tipster, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra may ship with the best telephoto camera setup in the market.

This information comes from Ice Universe, and it follows the Galaxy S21 series specs that surfaced. Most of this information has been mentioned in that leak, but Ice Universe added some more information.

Now, in addition to a 108-megapixel main camera (2nd-gen sensor), and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is tipped to offer two telephoto cameras.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra may ship with the best telephoto camera setup out there

Both of those cameras will be 10-megapixel ones, and will be quite compelling. One of them will offer 3x optical zoom, and feature a 1/2.8-inch lens with 1.22um pixel size, with Dual Pixel tech included.

The other one will offer 10x optical zoom, along with that same lens and pixel size. Dual Pixel tech will be included along with that camera as well. That, on paper, seems to be the most powerful optical zoom offering on the market.

That is a considerable improvement over what the Galaxy S20 Ultra offered. It even seems to beat even the Huawei P40 Pro+… on paper. We still have to see how well will it work, of course.

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As a reminder, the Galaxy S20 Ultra offered a 48-megapixel telephoto (periscope) camera with a 1/2-inch sensor, 0.8um pixel size, and 10x hybrid zoom. The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s setup will make sure that no digital crop is necessary.

This sure seems interesting on paper, to say the least. Samsung is really planning to step up its camera game with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It seems like that device will easily differentiate itself from the Galaxy S21 and S21+.

Speaking of which, all three of those devices are expected to arrive early next year. All three will, allegedly, launch in January, and not at the end of February, when Samsung usually announces its S series handsets.