Galaxy S21 Shows Its Design Again In New Case Renders

Galaxy S21 Cases IceUniverse Nov 25 20

The Samsung Galaxy S21 design has appeared once again, though this time it’s hidden away by cases. As they are understood to be based on the official device specifications from one of Samsung’s factories. Seeing how the Samsung cat prophet, themselves, shared the said images.

For clarity, this is the regular Galaxy S21 that we are looking at here. The Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra shouldn’t be radical departures from this design language, however. One of them will feature a curved screen, as per several reliable reports. And they’ll probably be heavier on the back due to an extra camera sensor – or two, in the latter’s case. But that’s about it, not counting the obviously anticipated size differences.

In these past few years, Samsung certainly hasn’t been terribly adventurous with its Galaxy S line, design-wise. Yet that is likely a reflection of technological limitations more so than a lack of desire or creativity. The company is still pursuing that bezel-less look that continues evading it ever so slightly.


The Galaxy S21 looks like another step toward the holy grail of smartphone design Samsung’s been chasing since 2017

So, in the grand scheme of things, we are still in an era that started with the Galaxy S8 family back in ’08. That is when the so-called “Samsung Mobile Visual Design Language” was introduced. “So-called” not because that’s not its real name but in opposition to Samsung‘s continuous attempts to brand every other term its marketing department puts in writing. It’s a visual design language alright, it’s mobile-focused as well, and it definitely comes from Samsung. But it doesn’t need its own brand if this is the best Samsung can come up with.

Product aesthetics come and go, and those the South Korean giant has been using in the smartphone era are no exception to that. Even though it obviously put a lot of thought into this latest design evolution striving toward all-screen handsets.

As for the Galaxy S21, expect a largely iterative flagship generation from Samsung early next year. Even slightly earlier than usual, to be more specific, though not as early as previously anticipated. The device will probably get announced in January, but go on sale in February, as we’ve reported in our Galaxy S21 exclusive.