Galaxy Note 20 & Z Flip 5G Get New 'Mystic' Color Options In The US

Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G new color options

Samsung has announced new ‘Mystic’ color options for the Galaxy Note 20 and Z Flip 5G. The Galaxy Note 20 is getting the Mystic Red color variant, while the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will be available in a Mystic White color.

Both of those color variants are Christmasy, and both will become available starting today, at least in the US. The Galaxy Note 20 Mystic Red is joining the Mystic Bronze, Mystic Gray, and Mystic Green color options.

The Galaxy Note 20 & Z Flip 5G get new ‘Mystic’ color variants

The Mystic White Galaxy Z Flip 5G will join the Mystic Bronze and Mystic Gray color variants. The red-colored Galaxy Note 20 is definitely the more striking color options, but the white-colored Galaxy Z Flip 5G also looks nice.


Now, thanks to Samsung’s offers in the US, you can actually get good deals on both of these. You can get a $150 Instant Rebate on the Galaxy Note 20, and up to $500 off via trade-in value with an eligible smartphone.

You can also save up to $1,000 off the Galaxy Z Flip 5G with the trad-in value of an eligible smartphone. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be able to shave some cash off the price tag of both phones, in case you’re interested.

Another thing worth noting is that these color options are available for a limited time. So, if you’re interested in getting either of them, it may be wise to act fast. We’re not sure how long will they be available to purchase.

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Granted, these are not the most affordable smartphones out there, far from it. But, if you’ve been looking to get either of them, and you didn’t like the offered color options, well, these new additions may change your mind. They’re here just in time for the holidays… well, a bit early, but still.

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