Galaxy Note 20 & S20 Are Having Fast Wireless Charging Problems

note 20 fast wireless charging issue

Several users' reports on the Samsung community platform, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and Galaxy S20 devices are having a fast wireless charging issue.

Notably, it is the recent updates that arrived on the Galaxy Note 20 and S20 that are causing problems to the devices. It is quite weird to see that such an issue has popped up on premium flagships from Samsung.

Users of both the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 have reported this issue on official and unofficial Samsung forums. Wireless Charging has become notoriously fast, especially this year.


However, fast wireless charging is not always compatible with all the devices. There are certain limitations to all the devices. But problems with fast wireless charging on Galaxy Note 20 and S20 have troubled several users.

The latest firmware update has everything to do with this issue. Because, a few months ago, the wireless charging was working without any hiccups.

Some of the third-party chargers are on the radar where the issue is prominent. The problem is that the wireless charging is getting constant interruptions every few seconds.

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Though it is still not officially clear that the latest firmware update is causing the problem. Looking at the user reports, this issue arose only after the latest update on both the devices.

September or October 2020 update may have triggered this Galaxy Note 20 & S20 wireless charging issue

Taking a look closely, the September or October 2020 update may be the reason behind this Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 wireless charging issue.

The same wireless chargers are working fine with other smartphones. The reports are coming from users of Galaxy S20 Plus and Ultra models. For affected Note 20 users, it includes normal Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra.


Clearing the cache and factory resetting also doesn't seem to do anything to fix the problem. So there's not likely much of a point in trying.

The problem picked up pace recently, but it has luckily affected only a very small number of Galaxy devices. Samsung hasn't responded back to this issue and is yet to officially acknowledge this problem.

One user has commented that the latest November 2020 security update has fixed the issue on the Note 20 Ultra. So, if the update specifically contains a bugfix for this issue, then it may roll out soon for all the users.


But it may not be true for everyone. The only thing the affected users can do is to wait for the bugfix update to arrive officially from Samsung.