Remember Fruit Ninja? Now You Can Slash Your Way Through The Sequel

Fruit Ninja 2

Fruit Ninja is a name that is fairly well-recognized by anyone who's played mobile games since the earlier days of Android, and now there's a sequel you can dive into.

Slash your way through new levels and a big, juicy collection of new game content, complete with mini games, unlockable items, various playable characters and more. The creators of the Fruit Ninja sequel as well as the franchise in general, Halfbrick Studios, officially announced the game's release early this morning on the Unity Blog.

The game can be installed on both Android and iOS devices, and like the original Fruit Ninja, Fruit Ninja 2 is free.


The Fruit Ninja sequel is filled with juicy features and improved graphics

The original Fruit Ninja was a gem simply because it offered up some fun gameplay. Graphics were fine, nothing to write home about, but they added to the overall experience.

With Fruit Ninja 2, the graphics aren't too different, but they have been improved and Halfbrick has added a bunch of juicy new features. There are now tons of unlockable characters to play as. And if that weren't enough there are tons of unlockable swords that you can use to slash through all that fruit.

Each sword has its own unique slash visual as you drag your finger across the screen. So if you derive pleasure from the simple little details like this then you'll enjoy this game quite a bit.

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Three classic modes and two new game modes to love

The three classic game modes from Fruit Ninja are back in Fruit Ninja 2 with Classic, Zen, and Arcade modes.

There are also two new modes to check out. This includes Minigame Shuffle, as well as a new mode called Fruitar Hero, which mixes the fast-paced chaotic action of Fruit Ninja with the equally chaotic action of a rhythm-based game, such as Guitar Hero. As if the name wasn't any indication.

Fruit Ninja 2 also has real-time multiplayer so you can compete against others. If you feel like your slicing skills are better than anyone else's, give the multiplayer a try and see how you stack up.


The game also features powerups, a garden that you can expand and grow new fruit, and even character skins and taunts that you can use to show off to opponents and rub in your victory. If you want to check out Fruit Ninja 2 for yourself, you can pick up from the Play Store right now.