First Xiaomi Mi 11 Concept Design Is Here, And It's Gorgeous

Xiaomi Mi 11 concept design featured

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is the company’s upcoming flagship, and the very first concept design has just surfaced. This is a third-party concept design, and it comes from TechDroider. We’ve seen various designs from the same source over the years.

This design has been shared via a video clip on YouTube. The video itself has a duration of around two minutes, and it’s embedded below the article. The phone in this video looks gorgeous, to say the least.

This Xiaomi Mi 11 concept has an under-display camera

The designer envisioned a smartphone with an under-display camera, and basically no bezels. It features a curved display, and an interesting design on the back as well. The phone seems to be made out of metal and glass.


On the back, the phone is also curved, as the curves seem to be symmetrical with the front. There is also a vertical strip on the left side of its back. At the very top, there are several vertically-aligned cameras, while there’s basically nothing in the middle or the bottom of that strip.

Xiaomi’s logo is placed on the back, as we’re used to seeing on the company’s smartphones. This phone combines white and black colors, and it looks that much better because of it.

We’re looking at a portless design

The design envisioned this phone without notches, holes, or ports. So, there’s not even a charging port included on the device. A 192-megapixel main camera has been envisioned on the back.

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The Snapdragon 875 SoC has also been mentioned in this video. Parts of the software have been shown as well, as the software has been slightly redesigned by the source.

That being said, the Xiaomi Mi 11 won’t look like this, just to be clear. This is a third-party concept design, and even though it may look futuristic and kind of neat, you can expect a completely different offering from the company when the phone gets released.