Get Home Security From eufy For As Much As 38% Off – Cyber Monday Deals 2020

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Tech deals are going strong on Amazon for Cyber Monday and that includes some hefty discounts on eufy security devices.

Now, the full range of devices included in the sale covers everything from indoor to outdoor cameras and video doorbells. There are five items in total, with discounts as much as 38% off.

For starters, the biggest deals are going to be on the eufy Security, eufyCam 2 Wireless Home Security Add-on Camera and eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Kit. The former is a $79.99 security camera for indoors or out. It’s rated at IP67 for weatherproofing and is compatible with eufy Security HomeBase 2. So it’s an add-on camera.


The rechargeable wireless camera lasts up to 365-days on a single charge and 1080p Full HD recording and streaming. That’s in addition to Night Vision mode.

Then, eufy also has its Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Kit. That also comes packed with human detection, 2-Way audio, and — for this bundle — a free wireless chime. 120-day battery life is just one feature of this security camera and doorbell from eufy. Although that arguably makes it the better of the two doorbells in these deals. The system stores recordings on an in-home micro SD card.

Amazon prices the second doorbell, security camera kit from eufy at 25-percent off for a cost of $89.99. It comes packed with all of the same features as the other but isn’t wireless. It simply installs over existing doorbell wiring.


Finally, Amazon offers two indoor plug-in style eufy security cameras in its Cyber Monday deals too. Amazon priced each at 30-percent off for a cost of $27.99. But these two cameras serve two very different purposes.

Arguably the less advanced of the two is the eufy Security Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt. That features 1080P recording and streaming as well as panning and tilting control via Wi-Fi. Human & Pet AI detection is built right in as is voice Assistant compatibility. So this one will fit right in with an existing smart home ecosystem alongside other ongoing sale items. The security company enhances that with motion tracking and the eufy HomeBase is not required to get started.

The eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam performs similar tasks without the pan and tilt. Like its counterpart, it has two-way audio. But it also has night vision. And it records and streams as its branding implies, in 2K resolution.


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