Save Big On Smartphones In Any Price Bracket – Cyber Monday Deals 2020

smartphones amazon cyber monday deals

Amazon has great deals for Cyber Monday to suit buyers in any price bracket with smartphones from LG, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, Google, and others. That means that whether you're looking for a burner or beginner phone or something more substantial, now may be the best time to pick one up.

Smartphones for Cyber Monday Deals cover the gamut, including some of the best flagships. The Motorola Edge, for example, is discounted at 44-percent off at $394.99. The 2020 6.7-inch flagship-like mid-ranger packs 6GB RAM and 256GB storage with an octa-core processor running Andoird 10. The display is a 90Hz, HDR10-compatible screen.

Similarly-specced Google devices, including the Google Pixel 3a XL with 64GB and 64GB Google Pixel 4 XL are on sale too. Those are priced at $299.00 or $549.00, respectively. And bring some of the best cameras and one of the purest, always-up-to-date Android experiences around.


OnePlus fans, conversely, can pick up the 5G-ready OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8T at a discount. The flagships are priced at $749.99 and $629.99, delivering a better-than-stock Android experience. And both come complete with quad-cameras, 120Hz Fluid Displays, 12GB RAM, and 256GB storage. All driving a Snapdragon 865 SoC.

The last of the flagships is a similarly-specced Sony Xperia 1. That's an unlocked smartphone but the big deal here is that for $148 less than the usual price, the company is including its widely-lauded WH1000XM3 wireless noise-canceling headphones.

Amazon also has some for those who need a budget phone or one on Tracfone, Net10, Total Wireless, and other month-to-month, budget-friendly providers. The company has brands from the likes of Motorola and Samsung to choose from.

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From Motorola, things start out with the Tracfone Motorola Moto E6. That's specifically the Tracfone-locked 4G LTE device, priced half-off at just $19.99. And Net10 or Total Wireless users can get the same device at the same price. The devices are typically priced at $36.99 for the Tracfone variant and $39.99 for the others.

The Motorola One Fusion comes unlocked for GSM providers with 4GB RAM, 128GB storage, and a 48-megapixel main snapper. That costs just $199.99 at 20-percent off. The 3-day-claimed battery life Moto G Power, conversely, is on sale for $174.99 from its usual $249.99 cost. Or you can aim for something with a bit more performance from the $144.99 Moto G Fast. That's down from $199.99.

Lastly, the all-around performance-ready Motorola One Fusion comes at just $199.99 from its $249.99 list price.


Samsung, conversely, has three devices. Among those is the Samsung Galaxy A10e, as much as 58-percent off the usual $119.99 list price. That's for Tracfone and Total Wireless. Net10, Tracfone, and Total Wireless variants of the Samsung Galaxy A01 are also marked down as low as $29.99. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is marked down as much as 60-percent to $99.99 for Total Wireless and Tracfone.

Users can also pick up Apple's iPhone 7 at a discount, priced down to $129.99 from $239.99.

For Verizon customers, LG's K31 budget-friendly smartphone comes unlocked at just $19.99.


Amazon Smartphones Cyber Monday Deals