Secure A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller For $59 – Black Friday Deals 2020

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Black Friday

The Nintendo Switch is notoriously hard to get a hold of, still, and the Switch Pro controller is right up there with it in some cases, but right now you can secure one from Amazon during Black Friday at a discounted price.

That price of course is $59, allowing you a little more control over your games with additional buttons, a bigger formfactor which some may find more comfortable, all without giving up wireless play.

Though the Switch Pro Controller is a wireless controller, you charge it via USB-C using the included USB-C to USB-A cable. And you can use the controller while it's charging if you wish. So you don't have to stop playing if the battery runs out. Especially if you don't want to switch over to the Joy-Con controllers.


This is more than just your typical controller though. It has a built-in amiibo reader, motion controls, and HD rumble. So you can feel the vibration in your games for a little more immersiveness. And the motion controls may help things feel a little more real too in games like Mario Kart.

As for the amiibo reader, this will help with numerous games like Smash Bros. And many others, if you have the amiibo figurines to use with the reader.

Normally this controller is $70 when Nintendo and its retail partners do have it in stock. So getting it right now for $59 means you're saving $11. The other thing to consider is that stock runs out on this often. So to avoid scalper pricing where controller can cost double, you should consider picking it up when you can at regular price or lower.

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Making this Black Friday sale the perfect time to snag a Switch Pro Controller since it's cheaper than usual.

You can pick up the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller from Amazon and Best Buy by clicking here.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - Amazon, Best Buy