This 4K Monitor From LG Is $100 Off – Black Friday Deals 2020

LG 4K Monitor Black Friday

Amazon is dropping the price on this 4K UHD monitor from LG by $100 for Black Friday. Bringing the price down from $597 to $497. This is a 32-inch monitor with VESA Display HDR 600 support, as well as USB-C connections and multiple viewing angles.

The monitor is capped at a 60Hz refresh rate, so it's not as high as some of the monitors that are geared a little more towards gaming. This monitor can still be used for gaming though and it does support a few gaming features. For one it has FreeSync for less stuttering and more smooth gameplay. It also has various other gaming customization features.

You'll find two USB ports on the back, as well as two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort connection, a USB-C port, and a Headphone out port for headphones or speakers.


Other things like on-screen control and split screen features can also be accessed through the monitor's settings. Should you actually care to enable those things at any point in time.

Now this isn't a curved monitor so it doesn't have as an immersive design like the Odyssey G9 from Samsung. But it's plenty big for games as well as work or school activities, and the high resolution makes it great for video. Whether it's streaming from Netflix or watching locally-stored media.

Also worth noting is that the USB-C port on the back of the monitor can support charging USB-C devices. Such as MacBooks.

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It has built-in speakers too. Which means you don't need to have separate speakers if you're ok with the sound system that comes with it. That being said, this is Black Friday week and there are loads of good deals on speakers too. So if you want better quality sound those are worth checking out.

You can pick up the LG 4K monitor from Amazon by clicking here.

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