Get $25 Off The Google Stadia Premiere Edition – Black Friday Deals 2020

Stadia Presser from Best Buy for black friday deals

Best Buy is now selling Google Stadia Premiere Edition in its Clearly White color with Black Friday deals, bringing the price down to $74.99. The bundle of cloud gaming goodness packs a lot of great features. And it comes with both a Stadia gaming controller and a 4K Chromecast for playing games on any TV at their best quality.

Better still, not only is this bundle $25 off at Best Buy. Stadia can be bought as a subscription service, Stadia Pro, for free games every month. And this bundle will include Google's current month-long free trial to that.

Now, Google Stadia Premiere Editions selling points are limited to just three main areas of focus. First and foremost, the bundle features a controller that connects directly to Google's servers for lag-free gaming over the cloud. So it can be played not just on the included Chromecast — which is another major feature. It can be played anywhere a Chrome browser is available alongside a solid internet connection.


That includes mobile, through the Stadia app. Making this an obvious choice for the busy gamer, complete with all the best triple-A titles.

Chromecast connectivity means you can also stream effectively any content via the Google Home mobile app and associated third-party apps. So streaming from ESPN, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Google TV (formerly Google Play Movies & TV), YouTube, HBO Max, and more is possible. Putting all of that great content directly from your phone — or a linked Google smart hub — directly on your TV.

If you've got slower WiFi in the room you'd like to game and watch in, that's not a problem with this bundle either. The power adapter shipped with Google Stadia with or without deals features an Ethernet port. So it can be hard-lined directly into your router. Making both content and gaming an even better experience.

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You can also link up multiple controllers and play multiplayer games if you've got more than one gamer in your home. Or just want to play couch co-op or competitive with your friends and family. That's setting aside online gaming.

Google Stadia Premiere Edition - Best Buy