This Concept Samsung Galaxy Note Rollable Smartphone Looks Stunning

Samsung Galaxy Note rollable smartphone concept 4

Samsung is allegedly working on a rollable smartphone, and that inspired this new Samsung Galaxy Note concept. This concept smartphone has been created and presented by the Concept Creator YouTube channel. It is worth noting that it was created in collaboration with Letsgodigital.

Having said that, the company’s exec was spotted carrying an unknown device, whose design suggested it may be a rollable smartphone. That’s probably what inspired the design of this concept smartphone.

Do note that this is not a leak or anything of the sort. Having said that, the design has been presented in both images and a video clip. Both of those are included below the article.


The Samsung Galaxy Note rollable concept looks great

As you can see, this phone looks quite sleek. It seems to be made out of metal and glass, and its screen expands and retracts. It’s doing that horizontally, as it’s clearly presented in the provided video.

It’s doing that in a similar fashion to the OPPO X 2021, the world’s first rollable smartphone that OPPO presented recently. This smartphone seems to have a slot for the S Pen at the bottom, along with an audio jack, and a loudspeaker.

There are three cameras on its back, and the design of that camera module was inspired by the Galaxy S21 leaks. Those cameras are aligned vertically, and the company’s branding is also present on the back.

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You’ll also notice that the phone’s sides are curved, similar to some older Xperia smartphones. Everything is symmetrical. This imaginary smartphone also comes with an under-display camera.

LG is planning to announce its rollable smartphone in H1 2021

Having said that, LG is expected to announce its rollable smartphone in H1 2021. OPPO already did, though the company’s device won’t make it to the market anytime soon. OPPO will take its time with it, it may take over a year for it to arrive, actually.

Having said that, Samsung still didn’t talk about a rollable smartphone. The prototype has been spotted, as already mentioned, but other than that, we don’t know anything. The company could surprise everyone next year, though.