Chromecast With Google TV & Remote Receiving Incremental Update

Google TV Chromecast 2 AM AH 6

Google launched its fourth-generation Chromecast with Google TV on September 30 this year. A new incremental update is now live for the Chromecast.

Notably, this is the second update for the device in nearly two months since its launch. The update arrives with version number 200918.015.

Moreover, the new update is already live for the Chromecast with Google TV owners and they will see a notification regarding the same on their device.


It weighs around 86.48MB in size. If you wish to manually check for the update then, you can head over to Settings > System > About > System Updates.

Talking about the details of the update for Chromecast with Google TV, it is still based on Android 10. However, it brings the September 2020 security patch for the device.

Chromecast with Google TV brings a lot of fresh changes compared to previous devices

Google introduced some big changes in terms of features, looks, price, etc. with Chromecast with Google TV. As compared to the previous-gen devices, the latest one is a proper dongle and comes with a remote with Android TV built-in.

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Previously, Chromecast did not have its own actual interface. Instead, to use it, users needed to hit the Cast button on their phone in a specific app and display their phone’s content on the big screen.

Now, it has its very own launcher, called Google TV. Apparently, Google TV makes it easier to find content to watch on your TV. There are new tabs like Live, and Movies and Shows. Besides, there is a new App library as well.

Chromecast remote is also receiving a new minor update

Along with the Chromecast with Google TV, the Chromecast remote is also receiving an incremental update. As per 9to5Google, this minor update is arriving with firmware version 24.2.


You will be able to update the Chromecast remote, once the Chromecast itself has been updated to version 200918.015. To trigger the update, you can head over to Settings > System > Remotes & Accessories > Chromecast Remote.

Talking about the changes that these new updates bring in for the devices, nothing can be said for sure at this point. In fact, Google has also not shared any official changelog, similar to the previous update.

All we can do is assume that it fixes several bugs on the remote and the Chromecast itself. Additionally, there may not be any surface-level changes.


FYI, the Chromecast with Google TV is made completely from recycled materials. If you buy one of these, you’re actually helping the environment.