Black Desert Mobile Adds Musa & Maehwa Classes & New DLC

Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss has been a busy little bee lately, because Black Desert Mobile just got two new classes recently with the addition of the Musa and Maehwa.

Both the Musa and Maehwa classes in Black Desert Mobile are a mixture of melee and ranged combat. Which should make them both exciting classes to play if you can’t really decide on whether you want your attacks to be close up, or far away.

The pair both utilize a sword and a bow for combo attacks that let the player switch between quick slashes and more precise arrow shots. Both classes are also live in the game as of November 10, so if you haven’t logged in for a while, this should be a nice surprise.


Black Desert Mobile has a third new class alongside the Musa and Maehwa

There’s also a third class in addition to the Musa and the Maehwa, though it didn’t launch on the same day.

This third class, called the Tamer, was actually added back on October 13. So it’s around a month old. As the name suggests, the Tamer is a class that specializes in using a tamed beast to do most of the attacks. Which might make this the most unique class within the game right now.

Aside from these three classes, some additional new content was added alongside the Musa and Maehwa. These are just a series of little special events that are meant to promote and celebrate the launch of those two class types. So we’re not talking about a large new piece of content you can dive into.


That being said, Pearl Abyss does have something planned along those lines. Players will however have to wait a little longer for that to release as the content won’t be live until a little bit later this year.

The Grand Desert expansion lands in the near future

Dying for new places to go in-game and new quests to complete? You’ll soon get your wish as Black Desert Mobile is getting the Grand Desert expansion in the near future.

This will add a new region to the game that players can explore and will contain new quests and new rewards to acquire. Pearl Abyss doesn’t state exactly how large this new region will be, but you can probably expect it to be somewhat substantial.


In addition to the new region, there’s also new event content planned to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game’s launch.