Best Sports App For Android 2020

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Sport is a source of entertainment that fascinates a lot of people around the world. In most cases, the biggest matches are watched by millions of fans at the stadiums and from various media platforms. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to miss out on your favorite sport because of other commitments, then get a sports app on your mobile device.

The best online sports app helps you get updates about your favorite sports. In other words, you don’t need to be close to your TV set or at the stadium.

Top 5 Sports App for iPhone

If you don’t want to miss out on the latest news, game status, and scores, then download and install these apps below:

  • Bleacher Report

With the Bleacher Report mobile app, you will receive current news, game status, and live scores. You can also follow-up with your favorite teams and clubs without missing anything. You can customize it to fit into your plans. Below are unique features of the Bleacher Report Sports app:

Bleacher Report logo

  • Personalized option to select your favorite teams
  • Breaks the sports news as they happen
  • Displays stories written by sports analysis
  • Bookmark your favorite stories

The Bleacher Report application is available for Android and iOS users.

  • Yahoo Sports

If you are looking for the best free sports apps, then get Yahoo Sports App. It is suitable for Android and iPhone devices. Get fast info about top football leagues. Yahoo Sports app allows you to watch MLB and NHL games live for free. Receive news and updates on other sporting activities like cricket, boxing, cycling, etc.

Other features of the Yahoo Sports app are:

Yahoo Sports logo

  • Covers all major football leagues
  • Customized updates for your favorite teams
  • User-friendly interface
  • An enhanced search feature to search for videos and articles
  • theScore

theScore is a popular sports app that provides quick sports updates, scores, and analysis. Get up-to-date news and breaking news as it happens. Their sports event calendar is on point and helps you keep track. With the theScore Sports app, users are kept virtually connected to the stadium. Below are the unique features of theScore Sports app.

theScore logo 1

  • Customize news feed
  • It has a real-time score dashboard
  • Be part of a group chat for fans
  • Get the hottest social stories about your favorite team
  • Offers a social media sharing option
  • CBS Sports

CBS Sports app offers you the latest scores, stats, and sports news. Enjoy the best of live streaming for most of the top sports like NCAA Basketball and PGA Tour. Ardent sports lovers can tune in to CBS Sports Radio. Listen to live broadcasts and also view CBS Sports HQ. Take a look at other unique features of the CBS Sports app:


CBS Sports logo 1

  • Customized news and updates
  • 24/7 online sports streaming
  • Get daily betting tips from top analyst
  • User-friendly interface

Meanwhile, the CBS Sports app is available for both iOS and Android users.

  • SofaScore

SofaScore also falls into the category of best sports app too. They offer live streaming and score sports updates. You can watch more than 25 sports live on the SofaScore Sports app. Receive regular updates and breaking news too. Interestingly, this sports app is suitable for Android and iOs devices too. Check out other exclusive features of SofaScore:


SofaScore logo

  • Compatible with Android smartwatches
  • Join the group of sports enthusiast
  • Sports statistics
  • Enjoy expert tips

Benefits of Android Sports App

Just like every other aspect of life, sports apps also have their pros and cons. However, the exciting part is that it appears that the pros outweigh the cons.

Pros of Android Sports App

  1. Easy to use
  2. Delivers sporting news as they come
  3. Connect with other fans
  4. Get betting tips
  5. Learn more about your beloved sports

Cons of Android Sports App

  1. Consumes a lot of space on your mobile device
  2. May be required to subscribe in most cases

Main Features Offered by Sports App

Most often it appears that sports apps offer the same features. However, most of them have some unique features. Let’s take you through basic app features:

  1. Live streaming: This feature allows you to watch sporting activities live. In other words, with a data or Wi-Fi connection, you can watch live sporting events via your iOS or Android device.
  2. Tips and Analysis: Bettors can also take advantage of various tips offered by the sports app. Based on teams performance, sports app offer quality tips to help you place bets and win
  3. Fans meeting: You can meet fans that enjoy the same sports as you. Interact with other fans and find out more info about your team.
  4. News and updates: This is the focal point of most sports apps. You get the latest and breaking news via most of the sports apps. Fans receive first hand info about club transfers and stats.
  5. Customized options: You can personalize the kind of updates you receive via their customized tools. Also, most sports apps allow you to bookmark your favorite articles or videos and watch them later.

Problems Linked to Downloading and Installing Mobile Apps for Sports Betting

In some cases, fans often experience a lot of challenges with downloading and installing mobile sports apps on their devices. However, whatever the challenges, the solutions are often handy. Let’s take a look at popular issues associated with downloading and installing sports betting apps.

  1. Poor network: If the network is not strong, you cannot download and install your favorite sports app. It’s either you switch to a better network or move away from that location.
  2. Downtime: Sometimes these sports app often experience downtime while live streaming. The reason may be an error on your app or the network.
  3. Storage space: Sports app tends to consume more storage spaces compared to other apps. There are a lot of features so the sports app requires a lot of memory to run effectively.
  4. Compatibility: Depending on your mobile device, some mobile sports app is not compatible with some devices. Always check the specification before you download.