Google Announces New Pixel 4a Color Variant, Finally

Google Pixel 4a Barely Blue Featured db20

Google is finally adding some color to its newest mid-range line with a Barely Blue Pixel 4a model. This tender variation of the Pixel 4a just appeared on the U.S. Google Store earlier today. The alternative pastel hue is presently only offered if you opt for an unlocked Pixel 4a device. Not even the combo with a Google Fi plan makes any mention of the said light-blue model.

As if that wasn’t low-key enough, Google has yet to follow up on today’s launch with any sort of communication. Whether in the form of a Keyword blog post or even just a mere tweet to go along with this sighting.

Still, something resembling an official announcement of the Barely Blue Pixel 4a will probably arrive in the days ahead. Meanwhile, refer to the images herein for a closer look at the first Pixel 4a finish that isn’t “Just Black.” The price of the unassuming-looking device is unsurprisingly unchanged at $349.


Without Google’s input, it’s impossible to say why this Pixel 4a hue wasn’t available from day one with complete certainty. Looking at the year-wide context, the delayed debut may not have been an intentional decision on Google’s part. And not just because of how close it is to the actual release of the series. As there is no direct precedent for such a subsequent refresh of a Google Pixel device.

Of course, the Alphabet-owned company did experiment with limited editions of its smartphones not too long ago. As a reminder, last year’s “Oh So Orange” Pixel 4 was hence a rather scarcely available Android device. But even that model was announced alongside its mass-produced peers.

Google has yet to clarify if the Barely Blue Pixel 4a is an intentional refresh or just a delayed release

The Pixel 4a was the first “Made by Google” handset to hit the market this year. It originally released in North America, Australia, and a couple of Asian markets in late August. Somewhat global availability was then achieved in the first half of October. After which Google gradually released the higher-end Pixel 5, starting at $699 in the U.S.

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Finally, the California-based tech giant began retailing the Pixel 4a 5G earlier this month. This slightly technologically superior model debuted in Just Black and Clearly White. Both variants come with a noticeably steeper, $499 price tag. As for the Really Blue device at hand, we’ll jot down this fashionably late release to 2020-specific supply chain issues, at least until Google says otherwise.