New Audio Bug Is Annoying Google Pixel 5 Users

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A new Google Pixel 5 bug has been discovered, and this time it’s an audio one. Users have been complaining on the Google Pixel support forum about this issue. This seems to be a two-fold issue, actually.

The first part of it seems to have to do with the volume dropping randomly when watching a video. Needless to say, this is quite annoying, but it’s not exactly a huge problem.

The second part leans towards a more serious issue, however, as it relates to system sounds. System sounds tend to get too loud, it seems, even when the system volume is set to the lowest possible setting.


This issue is affecting dial tones, the camera shutter button, and even taking screenshots, amongst others. Tapping the volume sliders is not helping, it seems. No matter what you do, those system sounds will remain very high, unless you mess with profiles.

There is no good solution for the Pixel 5 audio bug

You can set your phone to vibrate or to be silent, in which case the issue will be gone. If you don’t, however, the issue will persist. As with more or less all bugs, this is not affecting all Pixel 5 units, though.

A Google representative did answer to those complaints, but not directly. All he said is that the company will work to make improvements in future updates, but did not talk specifically about said issues.


This is not the first Pixel 5 issue that surfaced, not even close. If you’ve been in tune with the Pixel 5 news, you’ve probably heard of the screen gap issue. Some Pixel 5 units come, out of the box, with a noticeable gap between the display and the frame.

Google actually said this is a normal part of the design, and that it won’t affect water resistance. Still, it’s quite worrisome. Another bug that was found has to do with the battery indicator. So, the launch didn’t exactly go as smoothly as Google expected, but that’s something we’re used to when it comes to Pixel phones. Luckily, no additional issues were discovered.